Whether you are looking for an assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one, the options can be overwhelming. You want a place where residents are valued as well as receive the care they need within a safe environment. Many people are now turning towards smaller facilities such as LaBier Assisted Living for the personal touches and homey feel that these types of care facilities can offer. The following information can help you decide if this is the right fit for you or your relatives.

More Opportunity for Care

Most people look at smaller long term care facilities and wonder if the residents will receive the same type of care that the larger assisted living facilities offer. Although there are many larger facilities that provide care, places like the Westgate House at LaBier Assisted Living have the ability to offer something more. In addition to the same quality health care you would expect from any facility, smaller ones are able to meet each resident’s special needs easier because of the continuity of care.

At our smaller assisted living residences, we are able to cater to those with special needs. This could be anything from a restricted diet to cognitive disabilities like dementia. Smaller facilities can also be ideal for anyone that is different from the mainstream type of patient. They are open to race, religion, and cultural differences that make each individual unique. With fewer residents, the staff will get to know each one on a personal level which makes many people feel more at home during this difficult time in their life.

More Attention

Quality healthcare is the most important attribute for families looking into their options when it comes to assisted living. They want a compassionate staff that is friendly and responsive to their needs. The facility needs to be safe and secure as well. This gives the resident and their family members peace of mind.

When it comes to these areas, LaBier’s Westgate location excels when compared to larger institutions. The smaller staff to patient ratio means that staff can give more time and attention to each individual. The staff is able to detect any problems that might arise earlier than their larger counterparts. This allows them to get treatment for the resident before these problems turn into more serious issues.

One will also find that the atmosphere is completely different. At Westgate, our residents can feel like they’re at home while getting to know the other residents and make new friends. This is in comparison to larger institutions that have more of a hospital atmosphere. It is similar to comparing a bed and breakfast to a large chain motel.

More Personalized Care

The best thing about LaBier Assisted Living is the personal touch. The simple pleasures found in daily life are not forgotten. Residents are encouraged to participate in the activities that bring them joy. This could be listening to music, singing, dancing, drawing, or arranging flowers. Personal interests are used in a way that makes each resident feel like an important part of the community, and the special skills they have picked up along their journey through life are greatly appreciated.

Residents at LaBier continue to use self-expression as a way to stay active and feel needed. They are encouraged to help according to their level of health. Simple tasks such as helping to bake and decorate cookies can keep residents happy and full of life. Daily exercise is also utilized whether that means a daily walk around the neighborhood or structured recreational activities.

By choosing LaBier Assisted Living as your long term care facility, you are selecting a place that respects their residents’ right to dignity and privacy. Each resident is treated as the special person they are, and they are valued while being able to feel like an important part of a loving community in which their contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

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