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Visit Labier Assisted Living Facility in Alexandria VA

Picture yourself living in a private home in a safe and beautiful neighborhood while someone lovingly cares for you. This can be your experience when you choose LaBier assisted living for your long term care needs. Each of their two homes is located in the Alexandria Virginia area where they provide a family environment that reduces the feeling of isolation found with the bigger nursing facilities. Inviting rooms, home-cooked meals, daily activities and a low staff to resident ratio are just a few of the ways they are able to provide a homey environment during a difficult stage of life.

LaBier Assisted Living

LaBier’s assisted living facility provides you with specialized care for those suffering with dementia, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s. The staff encourages individuals to remain self-reliant and independent while maintain their dignity. Innovated and dedicated programs help residents ease the symptoms of these diseases while enjoying the life they have.

Both the Westgate and Macklin Court locations offer a permanent home for individuals in need of assisted living. Appropriate medical care that includes access to doctors, medications, and physical therapy as well as hospice care when needed are available on a case by case basis.

LaBier caregivers are available to respond to a resident’s needs 24 hours a day. All staff members are licensed professionals certified in CPR and first aid. These are the people that will provide you with assistance for all of your daily activities including grooming, dressing, and dispensing medications. All caregivers understand the types of challenges facing one as they age, and they are there to offer emotional support in order to create a warm and nurturing environment.

Features of LaBier

Daily life at a LaBier assisted living facility is enhanced by simple pleasures. Residents are encouraged to draw, listen to music, or do any other activity that allows them to express themselves. This is especially true for residents that may have trouble communicating with others. These small tasks can make a person feel like they are still a useful and needed member of the household. Residents can also join in daily exercises, neighborhood walks, and structured recreational activities that help them remain active while feeling challenged by life.

The environment in a LaBier residential care home gives residents a feeling of belonging to a loving community. The staff values their residents as well as their contributions. Each person is given the dignity, respect, and privacy they deserve, and they will be recognized as the special individual they truly are.

The Benefits of a Smaller Assisted Living Facility

When searching for a long term care facility, you are faced with many decisions. One of which is whether to choose a large facility or a smaller residential care home. Bigger is not always better. There are many reasons to pick a more personalized arrangement for yourself or a loved one.

• Respect: Those with special needs can sometimes be overlooked in a larger facility. Smaller facilities like LaBier are more personal which means you need not worry. Residents get to know the members of the staff, and they in turn will become familiar with each resident. You won’t become just another patient. You’ll feel like a friend has come to help when LaBier caregivers offer their assistance.
• Individualized Care: Small home settings provide an opportunity for more individualized care. LaBier’s staff to patient ratio of 1:4 allows for a more personal experience.
• Friends and Family: It is easier to make friends in a smaller facility, and residents are more likely to feel like they are a part of a family. These close-knit communities allow one to be with people that care within a warm and inviting environment.
• Life on Your Terms: Smaller facilities are capable of focusing more on quality than numbers. You’ll be able to live life according to your schedule. Your experience with long term care does not have to be inconvenient or unpleasant. You can live your life in a smaller care facility the way you enjoy it most while still receiving the help you need.

LaBier Health Care

Many people wonder if a smaller facility can offer the same level of care as larger operations. Although both offer excellent care, smaller homes can offer something more. Along with quality health care, small facilities are capable of meeting a resident’s special needs more easily by providing a more personal approach.

Westgate and Macklin Court can cater to residents with special needs. This could be something as simple as a restricted diet or the more complex care of those with cognitive disabilities. These homes are also ideal for any person that is different than the mainstream patient. The staff is open and welcoming to religion, race, and cultural differences. With fewer patients, the staff will get to know each person as an individual and be able to make them feel at home during this phase of life.

Patients not only feel at home, but they will be able to make new friends as they get to know the other residents. One is also encouraged to help out according to what their health level allows. Everyday activities like baking and decorating cookies can make one feel involved and full of life. When you or a loved one joins the LaBier family, you are becoming a part of a community that respects your right to privacy and dignity. Each resident is considered a special person and are valued for their contributions.

A senior assisted living facility in Alexandria with over 30 years of experience working with memory care, dementia, stroke, and geriatric clients in the Washington D.C. area. Established  in 1997 as an alternative to larger corporate assisted living facilities in Alexandria, VA. Property located at 9417 Macklin Ct, Alexandria, VA 22309, provides a personal and nurturing environment for those that desire to live with the amenities of home.

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