Daily Life

Daily living is enriched with simple pleasures. Listening to music, drawing, and arranging flowers are all means of self expression when words become difficult. Small tasks help residents to feel useful and needed. Daily exercise, structured recreational activities and walks in the neighborhood keep them involved, active and challenged.

We create an environment that supports residents by giving them a sense of being part of a loving community. We value our residents and their contributions to society. We strongly believe in their right to respect, dignity and privacy. Our homes are places where each individual is recognized as a special person.

Whether you’re already in an assisted living facility, or you’re contemplating making a transition into one, there are many things to consider. One of the main considerations you should focus on is whether or not you want to go to a larger facility or one with more private amenities. While it may be easy to assume that going with the former is better (bigger is better, right?), you’d be surprised to find out that the opposite is true! There are many benefits to going with a more personal assisted living arrangement. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider smaller facilities.

A Feeling of Respect

When you choose a larger facility, it’s easy to be overlooked if you have special needs. When you choose a smaller, more personal facility, you never have to worry. You get to know the staff, and the staff will get to know you. You won’t just be another person on their list of rounds. With a smaller facility, you will feel like a friend is stopping in for a visit and to see if you need any help with anything.

More Individualized Care

There is more individualized care in a small Home setting. Staff ratio of 1:4 and continuity of staff provides personal care for each resident.

Find Friends and Family

Because smaller facilities have fewer staff and clients, you’ll easily make friends and feel like a part of the family. Smaller facilities tend to feel like close-knit communities rather than compartmentalized compounds with people who just happen to live and work together. You can relax knowing that you’re living with people who care, people who matter in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Life on Your Schedule

A smaller facility isn’t just about numbers and quality, it’s about being able to live your life on your schedule. Assisted living doesn’t have to be unpleasant or inconvenient. When you choose a smaller facility, you can easily live your life, the way you love to live it, and still get help when you need it.

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