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Why you should Choose an Assisted Living Home

If you are considering an assisted living home for you or a loved one, then there are many things to think about. Today, there are numerous options for senior citizens who no longer want to live in their own homes. With more senior citizens living to an older age, they will require long-term care in a compassionate environment. In many cases, a senior citizen doesn’t have an adult child who can care for her, but she can no longer live alone.

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Does Your Loved One Have Mobility Issues?

Many senior citizens don’t want to live in huge assisted living environments that are overwhelmed with a population of clients with serious infirmities. Large assisted living facilities frequently have a high turnover of employees, and this creates some difficulties for senior citizens who have dementia. When someone has Alzheimer’s disease, she can become confused by the constant changes in caregivers.

Enjoy Personalized Care In a Smaller Assisted Living Home


Individualized care is an important aspect of living in an assisted living environment, but larger facilities have too many clients to provide this option. A small local assisted living home in Alexandria VA is able to focus on personalized care. The employees working in a smaller assisted living home will remember a senior citizen’s name and needs. This is critical in the twilight years of your loved one.

Does Your Loved One Have Mobility Issues?

When you are a senior citizen who has mobility issues, it is easier to maneuver through a smaller facility. Imagine trying to use a walker in a large assisted living home each day, and you will understand why a smaller assisted living environment is more desirable. If you don’t want your loved one to use a cane while walking down long corridors to reach the common areas in an assisted living home, then choose a smaller facility instead.

Body Care For Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens require daily body care, and by having one friendly caregiver, they feel more comfortable. In a huge assisted living facility, there are numerous nursing assistants to help clients with bathing, dressing or brushing of their teeth. A senior citizen may feel uncomfortable potentially having a new caregiver each day, but in a smaller facility, help from the same nursing assistants for several months or years is common.

Enjoying Fun Activities Each Day While In an Assisted Living Home

If you live in a large assisted living facility, then you may need to go on a waiting list to enjoy fun activities such as making holiday decorations or playing board games. In a smaller assisted living home, you can participate in activities at anytime rather than waiting until there is a place for setting up a table for a board game or to make crafts.

Have More Privacy In a Smaller Assisted Living Home

In a larger assisted living facility, you may need to share a bedroom and bathrooms with other residents. However, a smaller assisted living home will offer more privacy with individual bedrooms and bathrooms, making it similar to your own home. When you are accustomed to living alone, spending the rest of your life in a smaller assisted living environment is less stressful.

Adapting To Your Changing Care Requirements

By living in a smaller assisted living environment, the employees can adjust quickly to your changing requirements. If you need to have a hip replacement, then the nursing assistants are prepared to transport you to a hospital for the procedure. When you are ready for the recovery process, the employees are prepared to move you to an area in the assisted living facility where you can receive 24-hour care.

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