How to Choose Assisted Living for Someone with Disabilities

How to Choose Assisted Living for Someone with Disabilities

Being described as disabled does not always mean that a person is helpless. Disabilities come in many forms. Some people may simply need help with a few of their day to day activities. This is when a long term assisted living facility can be beneficial.

What is a Disability?

There are specific parameters that researchers at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services use to determine if an individual is disabled. The first is the person’s ability to manage five basic Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

1. Dressing
2. Bathing
3. Using the toilet
4. Feeding themselves
5. Transferring from a bed to a chair

In addition, they consider Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) which includes the following

• Properly taking medications
• Preparing meals
• Housework
• Grocery Shopping
• Managing money

There are many people that don’t need help with ADLs, but they do need some assistance with IADLs. Then there are those that are physically able to do all of these things, but they should not be doing so without supervision. This would be anyone with cognitive impairments such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. These are all examples of the individuals that would benefit the most from an assisted living facility.

Selecting the Right Assisted living facility in Alexandria When Faced with Disabilities

If you or a loved one living in Alexandria VA falls into the category of disabled, you will need to begin looking for a care facility that will meet your needs. There are several options available. Assisted living apartments offer residents the opportunity to have their own private apartment while being comforted with the fact that nurses and staff are nearby when you need help. Nursing homes also provide 24 hour care for individuals needing daily assistance, but many people are now choosing residential home care facilities for their disabled family members.

Residential care homes are found tucked into ordinary neighborhoods and they look like any other house on the block. They are homey with a feeling of family that can’t be found in larger care facilities. There is often a much larger staff to patient ratio which means residents will get more personal care and attention. Patients won’t be left waiting for long lengths of time when trying to get a busy nurse to respond to their call button.

Residents receive help with daily life skills such as toileting and bathing along with assistance in the everyday chores like healthcare and money management. Custodial care includes laundry services and housekeeping so that residents do not have to worry about how to accomplish all that needs to be done. In addition, these homes may offer transportation to doctor appointments and outings to nearby attractions.

Many families choose residential care homes or assisted living facilities over the larger nursing homes simply because it gives their loved ones a feeling of home that other facilities cannot provide. These houses may have gardens, yards, and porches that residents can enjoy on their own or when family visits. The décor and atmosphere is very home-like rather than having the look and feel of a hospital. This is especially comforting to those with cognitive disabilities such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Patient’s rooms appear to be more like a bedroom than a hospital room, and perks such as home-made meals make the resident’s experience quite pleasant. During their stay, most people develop close, personal relationships with members of the staff which can be even further beneficial to the care they receive. Best of all, residential home facilities are often much more affordable than the larger nursing facilities available.

How LaBier Assisted Living Can Help You

LaBier serves the Washington D.C. and Alexandria VA area by providing an alternative to the larger care facilities. It’s an excellent option when searching for a place you or your loved one can call home. Each of their facilities offers one all of the amenities of home in a personal and nurturing environment. Care is given by a dedicated staff that provides help on a one to one basis to the frail or memory impaired elderly. This makes each resident feel important as they are treated with the respect they deserve.

One can choose between LaBier’s Westgate and Macklin Court Homes. Both offer residents long term care in a compassionate and caring atmosphere. Personalized care allows the staff to truly get to know each person. This is beneficial as they will be able to recognize any changes in a resident’s condition and make sure they get the medical attention they need immediately.

The familiarity between the staff and residents as they engage in daily activities is crucial to those facing dementia and other disabilities. Each day is enriched with ordinary pleasures such as drawing, music, flower arranging, or any other form of self-expression that is so important to each resident, especially those that have trouble communicating. Small tasks make people feel needed and useful while structured activities, exercise, and neighborhood walks keep one active, involved, and challenged.

Larger facilities may overlook an individual’s special needs, but LaBier offers care that makes each resident feel like a part of a family. They do not become just another patient on a nurse’s rounds. With a staff ratio of 1:4, your loved one will get the care and respect they deserve. LaBier’s smaller care facilities allow residents to live their lives on their own terms without having an unpleasant experience. Instead, you or your loved one will discover a way to live a full life while receiving the care you need when you need it.

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